This domain is for sale.

We know, unbelievable right? If you are interested in acquiring this domain please get in touch.via our contact page. If you don't want to buy it then I guess you can still drop us an email and let us know your favorite recipe.

You won't believe this but this site actually gets a few people every week typing in the name just to have a look around .We can't remember how many but if you were really interested then I suppose we could find out for you.

We have had various offers for the name over the years and never asked for too much so can't really understand why it still belongs to us. What would be good is if someone took it on as a project and built it into something worthwhile instead of it gathering dust here - we promise to come to your launch party and nibble all your snacks. We're really not planning on doing anything with it. We just don't have the time these days as we're way too busy trying out all your recipes.

Have a perfect day my friends.